How Hacking Clash Royale Will Ruin Your Gameplay

Clash royale online

Hacks and cheats have always been a huge problem among the gaming community, most players enjoy playing the game as it was meant to be played and have no problem following the rules. Although there are a hand full of individuals who like to gain an unfair advantage over other players using exploits, glitches, or clash royale hack. Some people hate coming across people who do this kind of thing, while others see no problem at all with what they are doing.

Clash royale online

One thing is for sure though however you see it, it ultimately ruins the original gameplay of the game. Games are designed by their makers to be played a certain way. When people change the course of action in the game, hack to get banned items, or other things normal players don’t have the ability to obtain it ruins the gameplay. It takes away the sense you get when you work hard, grind levels, missions, and defeat hundreds of opponents to earn your rank and loot. It ultimately takes away the story and work behind getting to the level you obtain. When you hack games such as Clash Royale it makes it very frustrating for the other player, and would make it quite boring for you as well. If you hack the game you get cards at higher levels than anyone else so you never really have a challenge against any of the players that you come up against in matchmaking. While you sit in arena four and wield items and cards that players in arena nine have it defeats the purpose of obtaining them in the first place.


Biggest problem about the hack

In Clash Royale you work harder and harder in each arena so you can squeeze through the ranks and develop your skills in battle. Sure you have all of the best items and cards but you never really acquired any skills or became better at the game. It may seem fun at first when you get cards and upgrades you have never seen before such as Ice Wizards and Golems, but soon you will get tired of winning every match you encounter with three crowns. I don’t know about you but I enjoy a challenge every once in a while, you simply do not get this when you mod or hack in Clash Royale. It ultimately defeats the purpose of spending time in matchmaking, building up your clan, and general gameplay.